Canoe Cove Church was built in 1872 by Alexander MacFarlane of Hampton.  Previous to this services were held in a nearby log house.  

The location first selected was near the Pioneer Cemtery, by the riverside at West River Bridge (St. Catherines).  The huge timbers were hewed and the frame prepared, and construction commenced at that point.  The congregation, however, was growing and as a sanctuary had already been located at Churchill, it was considered advisable to build farther south, where membership was rapidly expanding.  The timbers were taken down to the river and rafted down the stream, out the harbour and up the coast to Canoe Cove, and re-assembled in the attractive meeting place that has served as a place of worship for the past 130+ years. 

An early secretary's minute book exists dating back to 1894.  The first secretary was Charles MacNeill.  He was secretary for the whole charge which consisted of Glasgow Road, Lot 48, St. CAtherines (later Canoe Cove church), Nine Mile Creek, Stanchel, North River, Hunter River and West River.  He held this position until his death in 1916.

in 1938 application was made by Canoe Cove, Churchill and Nine Mile Creek to be received into the Presbyterian Church of Canada.  This was granted by the General Assembly and these congregations joined with Clyde River to form Central Parish.

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