Thuuri  and Okpokhumi Missions


At the annual joint meeting of Central Parish in January 2010 it was decided to support a mission in the Kenyan village of  Thuuri and in the Nigerian village of Okpokhumi with an initial contribution of funds from Central Parish in the amount of $500.00 to each these African communities. 


These communities faced severe health issues due to drought, famine and the lack of health care facilities. Malaria was prevalent, leading to a significant number of mortalities annually. There was no potable drinking water, and this is responsible for many of the communicable waterborne diseases in the communities.  Through our mission outreach the communities now have safe drinking water and the funds we are raising are being earmarked for schools and food programs for the children attending school.


The committee of Cindy MacKenzie, Melda Johnson, Tara Ileso, Samuel Ileso, Pauline Thompson, Cathy Livingston, Joanne Bowers, Tory Kennedy and Bob MacArthur have led this out-reach mission and pray for your support in their efforts and will be updating us on their progress.


Fund-raising efforts include a Donation Box placed in the Canoe Cove and Clyde River churches with the weekly free-will offerings being shared between these two very worthy causes, Pancake Breakfasts, Fashion Shows, Concerts and Song Services.   In 2010 the various events generated over $7,400.00 and in 2011 over $8,900.00 toward carrying out the projects in the African villages.


Donors wanting receipts are reminded to either place their cash contributions in envelopes clearly marked with their name and address or by cheque marked African Mission so the treasurer can properly track your donations.




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